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Interview Tips
Be there.
If for any reason, you will not be available for the phone interview on the date and time listed above, please call your recruiter to reschedule.

Be ready to write.
Have a pen and paper ready to take notes during the interview.

Be in a quite place.
This is a phone interview so be sure you are somewhere that is free from background noise like loud music, the TV, noisy animals, etc. It could distract you and/or the interviewer.

Be connected to the wall.
Due to disconnection and reception issues, we recommend that phone interviews be conducted on LAN lines. If there is no option other than using a cell phone, be sure that you are in location where your phone gets a clear, strong signal, and that your cell phone is fully charged and/or plugged in to charger.

Be personable and enthusiastic.
Show enthusiasm for the position during the whole interview process. Make sure that you show you are interested in all aspects of the job.

Be ready to sell yourself for the position.
Comment on your similar experiences. Comment on how you like new challenges. Mention how much you like this type of work. Tell them how much you would like this position.

Be attentive to the interviewer's time.
Many interviewers have a limited amount of time to talk with you; ask their questions, and field your responses. Let the interviewer manage the interview process.

Be coy about money.
Avoid asking questions on your interview regarding pay or benefits. The appropriate time to discuss this information is when an offer has been made to you. If the interviewer asks you questions regarding this, answer their questions, but try to avoid getting into a negotiation on money. A good response is,” I’m negotiable, depending on the total compensation package.” Or, "money is not the most important thing to me; I would like to look at all aspects of the position."

Be thoughtful.
After the interview, email the interviewer a “thank you letter” expressing your interest in the position and thanking them for their time.

Be ready to talk about it.
Please call your recruiter immediately after your interview to discuss how the interview went.

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